Training Reviews

Pat, Sara and Charlie

Aggressive aggressive aggressive! Before our consultation with WalkyWalk our Miniature Schnauzer, Charlie, was the most aggressive dog in Boston.

After watching Charlie slowly become more and more aggressive towards other dogs we knew that we had to do something. We researched trainers in the area and found that most training facilities wouldn’t even take on an aggressive dog. We began to think that there was no hope and that Charlie was gonna simply be aggressive for the rest of his life but then through an event at a local pet shop we found WalkyWalk. After listening to their training philosophy and how their program worked we thought we’d at least set up a consultation.

During the consultation we explained Charlies aggression. We talked about how his aggression first started, how his aggression tendencies seemed to get worse and lastly how we really don’t believe that his aggression couldn’t be fixed. The trainer wanted to then see the aggression so we then went for a walk where Charlie showed aggression, lunged, growled barked and everything. After the aggressive demonstration we went back to the apartment where the trainer drew out a training plan and guaranteed that Charlie could get better.

After the first week of training we were blown away by the results and progress Charlie was making in just one week. The trainer comes three times a week to work with Charlies aggression but also sets a training session aside for us every week to see how it works. After going on just a few training sessions with the trainer we learned a ton about Charlies aggressive behaviors. Signs to look for, certain triggers that set Charlie off but most importantly we learned how to confidently control Charlie in situations that before were hopeless. Through the one on one training sessions, WalkyWalk showed us how to address the behavior and stop avoiding it like we were doing before.

You can now see Charlie interacting with other dogs on a daily basis in Back Bay. Thanks to the trainer at WalkyWalk we now sit at Cafe’s and restaurants up and along Newbury st undisturbed by Charlies once aggressive tendencies.
Thanks WalkyWalk!

Check out Charlie’s video

Kimberly and 80

Right after rescuing my pit mix, 80, it became very apparent that she was dog aggressive. I was afraid to walk her on Commonwealth Ave in downtown Boston with the other dogs because she would lunge, bark, and growl at every dog that past by, which was scary to watch. Understandable, other dog owners avoided me. I even had a different dog trainer tell me that she should have never been adopted out with her aggression issues, that 80 was always going to be dog aggressive.

I had resorted to trying different harnesses/gentle leaders and walking her at non-busy dog walking times. This was until I met Tom walking on Comm Ave one day with 80. In true fashion, 80 lunged and barked at his adorable dog Ripley. Tom introduced himself and said he could help with 80’s aggressive behavior. I was a little hesitant after my first dog training experience, but in 5 minutes he was able to get 80 to sniff Ripley without attacking him, so I thought Tom deserved a shot.

I can not describe the difference Tom has had on 80 and me as a dog owner. He taught me how to take control of my dog. 80’s interaction with other dogs literally made a 180. She walks by my side and only interacts with other dogs if I allow it. Otherwise, she ignores them and continues walking with me. You can now find her playing in the Common or dog park with all types of dogs without being dog aggressive. Her two best friends are a German Sheppard and a Chihuahua. Thanks to Tom’s training, any time she gets to rough with other dogs while playing, I can easily get her to come to me and calm her down.

I often get comments from other dog owners we meet on how well trained my dog is.People that used to avoid me even asked me if she was the same dog. Her training even made a difference in her behavior when I take her to get groomed also. It used to be a two man job to clip her nail, with her struggling and barking. Now, she just sits there letting the groomer clip her nails. She is now a much more relaxed dog.

I would definitely recommend anyone who owns a dog with aggression issues to go to WalkyWalk and speak with Tom. He has completely changed my relationship with my dog for the better.

Christen, Billy and Roxy

We had looked around Boston and surrounding cities to find someone who could help us work on Roxy’s aggression problem. Not many places offered help for dog aggression and dominant behavior and if they did the training was done at the training facility where we weren’t even involved. It was then we were referred to Tom at WalkyWalk by a trainer in Methuen. After talking with Tom from WalkyWalk we suddenly felt as if we were the ones being trained.

Tom came over to our apt three times a week to work with Roxy and us. Two times a week with Roxy and once a week with everyone. Tom explained the importance of functional and reliable obedience training for Roxy since her aggression was triggered by her strong prey drive.

After just a couple weeks we noticed such a huge difference in Roxy’s respect and attentiveness to us even when we walked right by other dogs, which never could have happened before.
We’ve learned so much about dog behavior and how to take charge in our relationship with Roxy. Most importantly we’ve learned to safely manage and control Roxy on and off leash.

>See Roxy’s Testimonial Video

Christen M and Billy D, BackBay

Seriously, Tom is the best trainer I’ve ever used. I have a lovely little pit that was experiencing some aggression problems towards other dogs and while its not something that will ever go away clearly, Tom taught us how to manage it effectively.

Just see the video of Roxy, Billy and I that is on his site. The video tells you everything you need to know.

Joan and Erica Sawyer, Cambridge

We started with a lovable but completely out of control dog. Tom turned her into a well behaved member of the family. He came through with everything he promised and stuck with it until his mission was complete. Tom gets the job done. We couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Pete and Melissa C

My wife Melissa and I decided to take the plunge and get a German Shorthaired Pointer. We realized this was a high energy dog but had no concept of what that actually meant until Mia (our GSP) taught us a few lessons.

It was then that we needed to get her some training and we found Tom and his company, WalkyWalk. Tom was nothing short of exceptional with Mia. He worked with her to teach all of the basic commands and created an outstanding foundation for future learning. He worked on her manners (which are now excellent) as well. She’s now fully off leash and we couldn’t be happier!

Furthermore, Mia is a field dog and the foundation that Tom put into place made it so easy for me to build upon the knowledge that he instilled in Mia (and in my wife and myself!). We whistle and whoa trained Mia in a couple of weeks thanks to Tom’s guidance! She’s a smart dog and we’re grateful that we found Tom and WalkyWalk to help us understand each other and work together to achieve common training and behavioral goals. Tom is an outstanding trainer and I look forward to using him again in the future.

Great Job and Thank you so much!!!!

Ellen Z , Beacon Hill

Tom is a miracle worker. No seriously…he is. He worked with my dog and helped us get through some very difficult aggression issues.

I can say with 100% certainty, honesty, excitement, and thankfulness-to-Tom that my dog has transformed. No longer does she exhibit aggressive or anxious tendencies, panic in certain situations, or leave me wondering “if she is going to freak out today or not”.

Instead, now her behavior is constantly complimented and I have the peace of mind knowing that I no longer have thoughts running through my mind like “I wonder if something is going to trigger her today…”

Thanks Tom, you’re a life saver!

Sara Richie, BackBay

When we started our training with WalkyWalk we were very pessimistic since we had already gone though a dog trainer with no success. After 8 weeks, we literally had the best dog in Back Bay.

Our 3 year old schnauzer, Charlie, had major aggression issues. He would bark, growl and lunge at other dogs, never stopping. It got so bad that we avoided everywhere: parks, outdoor restaurants, beaches, even streets that usually had dogs on them. We would cross the street if we saw another dog. Our dog even got bit by another dog because of his aggressive actions.

We frequently go to Pawsh and they were having a meet-and-greet with a local dog trainer for free. After speaking with the trainer at WalkyWalk we set up a consultation and he guaranteed results.

After training with us and the dog for 8 weeks, Charlie was a changed dog. He loves seeing other dogs now, he walks off-leash everywhere we go, including the busiest streets in the city. He stops at every crosswalk and stays at our side unless we tell him it’s ok. Everywhere we go people stop us to compliment what a great dog he is. I even had a woman tell me that if all kids were as well behaved as Charlie, the world would be a better place.


Patrick C, BackBay

You Back Bay dog owners reading this review may recognize my dog. He is so well trained that I have people comment on how great he is every single time I take him for a walk. People are especially blown away because I walk him around all of Boston OFF LEASH.

Prior to training with WalkyWalk, my dog was extremely dog aggressive. Each time he saw a dog, he would go crazy by barking, growling and nipping. I couldn’t take him anywhere. Other dog owners in the neighborhood would recognize him as that “crazy dog” and cross the street to avoid us. It was really stressful and embarrassing. Then WalkyWalk held a seminar at my local dog store and I met Tom. He said that not only can he fix my dog’s aggressive behavior, but that he can train him to walk off leash.

I thought he was crazy. I honestly didn’t think it would work because I previously spent a lot of time and money on another trainer that couldn’t help my dog to even bark less. He said that he guarantees his work, so I decided to go through with it. Looking back, it was one of the best things I ever did. It literally changed my life. I went from having a dog that so was badly behaved that I couldn’t take him anywhere, to having the kind of dog I always wanted…a dog that is well behaved and that I can take everywhere and be a part of my life.

So not only are his dog aggression issues resolved, I can now walk my dog all over Boston (or anywhere, for that matter) OFF LEASH. He will not leave my side unless I tell him that it is ok. Its very awesome to have a dog that listens to you NO MATTER WHAT. Whether I tell him to sit, come, lie down, heel, etc. he does it right on the spot. Now people recognize my dog in a good way! I even have the occasional person who tells me that they’ve heard about my dog from someone else.

Margarita V, Cambridge

We realized that during some point of Lola up-bringing she developed an out of control and dominance issue when she would see another dog. Lola is a Boxer and has a lot of power enabling her to do what she wanted without me being able to stop her.

After working with Tom from WalkyWalk we began to see immediate results. This was so reassuring for me to see after all I had seen up until this point was a downward spiral of pulling, lunging and growling. Tom taught me how to address the problem, not hope that it goes away.

Thanks Tom

Jordana S, Beacon Hill

I have an adorable little Silky terrier mix that was exhibiting aggression to dogs, people and even kids. He would lunge and make a scene when he came within 10 feet of another dog. It was so embarrassing and frustrating. I had a trainer come by before hiring WalkyWalk, and there were absolutely no results what so ever. I was beginning to feel like I would be stuck with these issues forever.

It wasn’t until I was referred to WalkyWalk by another owner that I began to gain control of my little monster. Tom taught me how to establish myself as the leader and how to take control of this aggression problem.

After completing the off-leash program I have complete off-leash control. His obedience is dead on and even though my Silky might be tempted to show dominance I know exactly how to gain control and make him sit or lay down.

I couldn’t be happier.

Brooke and Jesse Millard, Back Bay

Before we hired Tom to train Bandit off-leash, we didn’t know what we were going to do with our dog. We didn’t trust Bandit 100%, as he would sometimes become aggressive with new people and was territorial. Now, we trust Bandit completely. Bandit is now a perfect gentleman and can do the following things off-leash: heal, stop & sit when we stop walking (without being told), wait outside a store while we go in and not become distracted by other dogs/people, and come when we call him, even if he has a squirrel cornered. He hasn’t shown any aggression to new visitors to our home.

Not only do we enjoy Bandit more now that he is correctly trained, Jesse & I both learned a whole lot on how to train a dog properly.

We thought the money spent training Bandit was well worth it and are now convinced that ANY dog can be trained to be obedient.

Tom Roderick is highly recommended! Tom can give you our contact information if you’d like a reference.

Marie R. , South End

I am amazed and delighted about the changes in my dog since we have started training with Tom! I have a very large (100 lbs.) German Shep/Swissy mix who has always had a great personality, but really did her own thing. She had some leash aggression, she pulled while being walked on leash, she had some severe car anxiety and she barked at friends when they came into the house.
I had visited with at least 2 other trainers but just didn’t feel they were right for Ellie and me. Tom has been the perfect fit!
His training program is built on reinforcing fundamental principles. He first teaches the dog the correct way to behave and does lots of praising; this was so important to me as an owner.
My dog used to pull me down the street and walk wherever she liked, but this morning we walked off leash all around the South End. We crossed large, busy streets and she stayed by my side the entire time. I was obviously hesitant to take her off leash in busy areas but when I saw how obedient she was, I quickly gained confidence and removed her leash. She was soooooo great!
The change in my dog has really been remarkable! I cannot thank Tom and Walky Walk enough.

Ann B. , Cambridge

Tom at Walky Walk has created a miracle in just four weeks!

Oliver, my recently adopted 4yo Boston Terrier, is a wonderful loving boy except he barked aggressively at other dogs when on leash. Tom started the training program by focusing on basic outdoor obedience to build his confidence and teach us both to understand what an in control dog should act like. With some additional focused dog socialization leash training Oliver is now a wonderful on leash walker!! He so much more relaxed, in tune with my behavior and knows exactly what his ‘job’ is!
I can’t thank Tom enough!!!!

Cate G., Brookline

Tom is absolutely amazing!! Not only did our puppy Roux love working with him, we did too! We have worked with other trainers and haven’t had such great luck, but after reading all of the 5-star reviews of Walky Walk we decided to give it a try. Tom was patient, flexible and always upbeat.

I think one of the things we love about Tom was how genuinely he really LOVES dogs and loves what he does. It’s nice working with someone who enjoys doing what they do (in rain, snow or shine!). Our puppy enjoyed her time with Tom so much we actually started to worry that she liked him more than us :)

We were sad to see our training time end, but were so thrilled with the results. Roux is a different dog and we are even considering doing the off leash program now because we had such a wonderful experience.

Thanks Tom!

Jason G, Back Bay

I can easily say that Tom of Walky Walk has gone above and beyond the expectations we had for him when signing up for his off leash training program for our 1 year old dog Chappy. Before Tom, Chappy was decently behaved, but he would drag and pull us everywhere we walked, not sit when we came to a stop or obey any other basic commands. We’ve been working with Tom for about 8 weeks, we admit Chappy is a bit sensitive and this poses a challenge in getting him properly trained within the 8 week course schedule Tom has set up, but no worries because Tom realized this shortcoming and without hesitation he decided to slow the training and tack on a few extra weeks to the program at no charge as not to rush Chappy’s progress. He now heels when he walks with us and sits and stays at the curb. Our walks are actually fun now and we look forward to moving on to the off leash recall which I have no doubt Tom will deliver on as well. People that knew Chappy before have commented on how remarkable of a change they’ve seen in his behavior and we couldn’t agree more.

I would recommend Tom to anyone who wants to enjoy a walk with their dog and not dread taking them out in public. It has become very clear to us that Tom has no intentions of leaving our dog until he is satisfied that he has delivered on what he promised us and I think that is very rare in this line of business.