Boston Dog Training

puppy trainingTraining your dog is no easy feat. Many pet owners require the help of a professional, but even then some dogs revert back to bad behaviors.

At WalkyWalk, we take a different approach to Boston dog training. In our programs, we teach owners to be the trainers. This way, you’ll have the knowledge to maintain authority in every situation.

Owner of WalkyWalk, Tom Roderick, has developed this training mindset from his years of experience as a dog trainer. He’ll come to your home in Boston so your dog learns discipline in a comfortable setting.

Boston Dog Training Programs

WalkyWalk’s dog training programs are varied to meet all different needs. We truly offer programs to suit every schedule and budget. Our programs include:

  • Puppy Training: The best way to raise a well-behaved dog is to begin when he’s a pup. Our puppy training program is three weeks in length and covers all of the basics, such as housebreaking, socialization, and basic discipline.
  • On-Leash Training: On-leash training is in intermediary step between puppy and off-leash training. Your pooch will learn commands such as sit, heel, lay down, and many more during this four week program.
  • Off-Leash Training: This is a more advanced program lasting eight weeks. We work with you and your dog to main obedience in all types of environments so you’ll never have to worry about bad behavior at the dog park.
  • Agressive Dog Training: Contrary to what many believe, aggressive dogs can be rehabilitated to show their sweet selves. We give you the tools to manage aggressive behavior and maintain control.

For more information about our dog training services, visit our Back BaySouth End, South BostonBeacon Hill, Brookline, and Cambridge pages.

What are People Saying?

We’re used to hearing about our services from customers all over. Below are some examples of customer testimonials:

After training with us and the dog for 8 weeks, Charlie was a changed dog. He loves seeing other dogs now, he walks off-leash everywhere we go, including the busiest streets in the city. ~ Sara R.

We thought the money spent training Bandit was well worth it and are now convinced that ANY dog can be trained to be obedient. Tom Roderick is highly recommended! ~ Brooke and Jesse M.

The change in my dog has really been remarkable! I cannot thank Tom and WalkyWalk enough. ~Marie R.

For more testimonials, visit our training reviews page. We even post videos of our clients.

Our Boston Dog Training Guarantee

dog training in Boston

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are confident in our services and care about our clients, so we never leave anyone feeling they haven’t got their money’s worth. We want all of our customers to see a significant change in their pooch’s behavior. If after completing one of our programs you aren’t satisfied, we’ll continue working with you and your dog until the training sticks.