Rehab for the Aggressive Dog

Myth: Aggressive Dogs Cannot be Rehabilitated

Fact: With proper training for both the dog and owner, dogs with aggressive tendencies can be rehabilitated to live happy, healthy, and stress free lives.

Half of the dog owners over the past few years that contact WalkyWalk have dogs with aggressive or reactive tendencies. Having a dog who shows aggression can be frustrating, exhausting and frightening, and often leaves owners feeling helpless and without options. Although we have always specialized in working with and rehabilitating aggressive dogs, we are now offering our ‘rehab for aggressive dogs’ program, specifically tailored for dogs with aggressive and reactive tendencies.

Our aggressive rehabilitation program is based on educating the owner and by providing them with the proper tools to gain control of their dogs even when face to face with another aggressive dog. Avoiding other dogs and crossing the street is not a solution for an aggressive dog. Instead, we teach owners to be confident and to stay in control by using our specialized techniques.

All training is in-home where the trainer will come to you anywhere in the greater Boston area. Our dog trainer will travel anywhere in Boston and to Bostons’ surrounding areas.

‘Rehab for the Aggressive Dog’ Training Program