Basic Obedience

Basic  Obedience Training Program (6 months and up)

‘My dog only listens to me if there are no distractions and if I have a treat.’ Sound familiar?

During this program it’s time to train our dogs to listen and obey basic commands in ALL environments! This includes distractions like other dogs, people, traffic and even squirrels. Up until now our dogs obedience is limited to certain environments with certain incentives, like treats. However, as the dog matures physically and mentally, you are able to take  training to a higher and more functional level. This is a training period where your dog will learn to obey using fewer incentives, like toys or treats, and begin to obey out of a willingness and respect for you, the owner.

Basic commands your dog will be able to do anywhere: sit, down, stay and heel (walking on a loose leash).